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Huron Pines Housing Co-operative

About The Founder

Robert (Bob) Sexsmith, the founder and former president of Huron Pines, is a tireless worker, affordable housing sponsor, union delegate, volunteer for a variety of community and neighborhood organizations, faith groups and Co-ops in London and area. His work with labour, Co-operative housing, broader housing issues, environment and poverty issues, has been well known in London since 1965.

Bob has served as Director of London & Middlesex Housing Corporation, as Chair for Neighbourhood Legal Services for London & Middlesex, as a Board Member and Executive Board Secretary of Advocacy Centre for Tenants, as Board Member and Chair of the City of London Advisory Committee on the Environment, as Labour Council Delegate to the City of London and as Chair of the London Homeless Coalition.


Email to inquire about application process, to apply, or get on a waiting list. See our contact information page for map and address.

The Founder

The founder and current president of Huron Pines Co-op, Robert (Bob) Sexsmith.

Bob Sexsmith, the founder and current president of Huron Pines Housing Co-operative.

Since 1972, Bob has been a proud resident member of Twin Pine Village Co-op Inc., where he serves as the current president.